by Bob Zeidman

In a sequel to acclaimed novel, Horror Flick, Brent Wooden and Buttonwillow McKittrick combine forces once again to solve a blizzard of mysterious, supernatural murders.

Butner Creedmore is a short, bald, plain-looking accountant type. Lives a boring, henpecked life. Nine to five job. But underneath his anonymity is a psychic tempest. He is bothered by all of the rude people and everyday inconveniences that we all hate - tailgaters, teenagers spewing obscenities, talker in movie theaters, boom boxes on wheels. One day, unbeknownst to him, something snaps inside. Not a big, resounding, psychotic snap but a small, almost silent snap. A psychic snap. His latent psychic powers are unleashed against all of the rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious people around him. But he is not consciously aware of it. Rude people begin spontaneously combusting, falling down open sewer holes, etc.

Wooden and Buttonwillow team up once again to solve the crimes. The sexual tension between them grows as a subplot. In the manner of the original Horror Flick, bizarre deaths are combined with funny, likable characters and everything comes together in a grand finale climax of supernatural proportions. Once again, the world is saved.