The Haunted Taco Bell

by Bob Zeidman

A family is driving at night on a highway and stop for dinner at a deserted, out-of-the-way Taco Bell. The waxen-faced counter girl takes their order. When they sit down to eat, the food eats them instead.

The Sheriff's Department of the local town of Lockwood notices strange disappearances and sends their two best officers to investigate. A burrito eats them but one makes a call via police radio telling them what's going on before he gets eaten.

The Sheriff's Department decides this calls for special action. They get in touch with Brian Mushmeier, a really fat kid who always out-eats everyone at the local fair pie-eating contest. He's a fat kid that everyone always made fun of. He goes to the Taco Bell and orders everything they have. He struggles but manages to eat everything but the last taco. He struggles with that one and finally gets it down but feels like he's going to burst. Instead he gives the largest belch in history that blows apart the Taco Bell and sends the evil workers into outer space. Brian wonders what's for dessert.