Works in Progress

Below are descriptions of my writing projects that are currently being developed. Click on a title to see a description, an outline, or a sample chapter.

Uncommon Sense -- Novel and screenplay. This horror-mystery-satire novel reunites the sleuths from Horror Flick, this time to track down an ordinary man with extraordinary powers.

Day Zero -- Novel and screenplay. This drama is about the last day of life on earth and how different people react to this knowledge and prepare for the end.

The Jar of Wishes -- Novel and screenplay. This family story is about a boy who discovers a jar of strange eggs that, when crushed, fulfill his wishes.

Silicon Valley Detective -- Novel and screenplay. This detective comedy centers around a bumbling Silicon Valley engineer-turned-detective who finally realizes his dream of getting an exciting mystery to solve.

Elmer McNulty -- Novel and screenplay. This family story tells the tale of a young boy who wants to be a rich and famous rock star.

The Curse -- Novel and screenplay. This horror/suspense story is about a young boy with a terrible curse that causes him to be continually reborn into terrible, painful lives until the spell can finally be broken.

The Haunted Taco Bell -- Novel and screenplay. This children's horror story is about a fast food restaurant where the food eats the people!

Startup -- Novel and screenplay. This comedy/drama is a chronicle of a fictional startup company in Silicon Valley, based on my own experiences over the last twenty years.

Bartholomew Bull -- Novel and screenplay. This children's story is about a bull who derides his fellow bulls and cows for their laziness. He finally decides to strike out on his own and join the human race.

The Next Millennium -- Novel and screenplay. This social satire chronicles the catastrophic Y2K problem and the revolution that follows, resulting in a world in which political correctness is the law.