Sex and Violence

a screenplay by Bob Zeidman

A district attorney with a terrible secret in his past. A merciless crime syndicate boss on trial for his life. A hired killer who seduces her targets before she eliminates them. A career thug who decides it's time to wipe his slate clean. A determined cop desiring justice at any cost. They grew up together -- in the Neighborhood -- then went their separate ways. Now they meet again. The result? Sex and Violence.

Nick Porter is a strong, determined, young district attorney. His cool, unemotional manner in the courtroom has earned him the nickname of "The Iceman" by the press. He is working a case against Julius Westman, a top crime boss who has been indicted, but never convicted, for a long list of heinous crimes. His determination is extreme and brings him almost to the point of insanity as his case unravels due to the constant disappearance of evidence and the mysterious deaths of key witnesses.

As Nick presses on with the case, a mysterious woman is hired to kill him. This is seen as the only way to stop his unrelenting pursuit. The assassin is a beautiful woman name Tanya, who can kill with little provocation and no need for justification. She accepts this job with more relish than most for very personal reasons - she and Nick were lovers in their youth.

Nick pursues his case against Westman as Tanya pursues Nick. She plays with him, letting him run into her "accidentally," and he lets her stay at his place with him. There, a passionate sexy romance re-ignites between the two of them. Will she go through with her assassination or is she once again in love with him?

We find out the thing that drives Nick is actually his shame over the fact that he grew up among these criminals and took part in some activities with them. Most disturbing to Nick - the phantom that haunts him - is that in his younger days, he raped Tanya. Feeling the shame of his actions, he ran away, determined to fight the crime, perversion, and immorality that had engulfed him. Tanya, however, felt abandoned when he ran away. She slowly lost her rationality and was easily drawn into the worst aspects of crime around her.

In the end, they confront each other and the worst aspects of their selves. Nick can live with himself only by continuing to fight for justice. Tanya cannot live and in the final, haunting scene dies in Nick's arms.